Do Grades Predict Success?

A great article from the Freakonomics column in the New York Times. Stephen Dubner posts an email he received from Luminary Micro CTO Paul Kimelman, who challenges the idea that grades predict success based on three arguments: 1. Success is elusive 2. How do you measure validity of grades? 3. Emphasis on homework rather than […]

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An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

Thanks to Blaise for tipping me off on this one not too long ago. The story of Numa Numa (sorry for getting that stuck in your head again), the new culture of remix and the phenomenon that has changed everything… A presentation from Dr. Michael Wesch, the creator of A Vision of Students Today and the oh so famous […]

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After attending school for Economics & Business, I was fortunate enough to hook up with several mentors willing to take me under their wing and open my eyes to a world of business, collaboration and game-changing innovation.

And while doing business in China, developing products for souks in Abu Dhabi and working on a startup right here in Toronto would be great additions for anybody’s resume, I am most grateful for the couple of CEOs and the one-of-a-kind Consultant who have shown & allowed me to think differently and make a real impact. The fact that I’ll likely never use that resume is my biggest indicator that I’m on the right path to an exciting and rewarding career.

The Kev Blog celebrates those principles: entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, freedom, collaboration, and youth. A collection of articles for CEOs looking to keep ‘in the loop’, and for young renegades on a mission to show us the next disruptive company or technology that will change the world.

I believe there should be young people contributing and influencing decisions at the top of every organization, that age is a state of mind and that the most successful organizations in a game-changing world will be those which embrace youth and collaboration.

This is The Kev Blog – a collection of game-changing ideas.

-Kevin Morris

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Twitter: kmorr

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